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Our core business supplies masonry products, reclaimed materials, and window and door systems. We serve the Architecture Design Community at large, to promote the usage of quality natural and engineered products. Chicago, IL    773-523-5718


Chicago Brick & Stone is affiliated with Meno Stone Company, who is an Indiana Limestone fabricator, and Building Stone Products, Inc. Lemont, IL  630-257-8665


At Contractors Material, Inc we offer a full line of Masonry Products and Masonry Materials. See our full line of Brick Manufacturers, Natural Stone Suppliers, Manufactured Stone Suppliers and various masonry products. Palatine, IL   847-202-9999


From all types of natural stone and bronze to industrial and diamond tooling products, Coldspring® has been serving the architectural, memorial, residential and industrial markets since 1898.  Illinois   630-915-2463


Elston Materials provides contractors and architects the best quality masonry, brick and construction supplies at an affordable cost. We are a family-owned and operated minority business. Chicago    773-235-3100


General Shale’s mission is to continue as the preferred solutions provider of masonry building materials in North America. We are the Chicago, suburban Illinois and Wisconsin distributor of Arriscraft products/Renaissance Stone. Orland Park, IL   708-460-7581


IBC is one of the largest independently owned and operated brick suppliers, block suppliers, and masonry building materials supply company in Chicago with centrally located Transportation, Dispatch and Customer Service centers. Ask about our 7 locations!  Corporate Location: Palos Hills, IL    708-237-5600


Cordova Stone, Franklin Stone, Harvard Brik, Waterford Stone, and Belgard Pavers and segmental retaining walls are among the wide pallet of building materials and products Northfield produces. We are the leading block suppliers in the Chicago area.  Mundelein, IL    847-816-9000


At Rauch Clay Sales Corporation, our Structural Glazed Tile and Ceramic Glazed Brick selections provide a durable, low maintenance solution inside and out that should never lose it’s lustre… all without ever having to paint again! Chicago, IL     773-254-0775



Ames Fire Station

Find this Sioux City Brick product at: Illinois Brick Company

The Museum at Prairiefire

Find this Echelon product at: Northfield Block

Back of the Yards High School

Find this Glazed Brick product at: Rauch Clay Sales Corporation

The Beauty of Masonry

When you want to build a new home or purchase a property in a multi-family building you know that where you live makes a statement. Masonry is a natural material made from the earth, making it a perfect choice to blend in with established communities and growth expansion areas, and brings richness and warmth even in high traffic metropolitan areas.

Make an Individual Statement with Masonry Design

Brick and Stone materials are timeless and no other material can match its classic beauty. There are endless possibilities when designing a masonry building, with a wide a range of sophisticated tones, colors, and textures. You’ll have the ability to to express fine masonry design details, mix materials to create a broad color palate, and create a unique one of kind facade that identifies personal values and creative vision. Whether you choose brick, block, or stone materials you can achieve a clean, crisp, and contemporary look, or a warm, antique look with the rich feel of being hand made. Over time, the beauty endures and its value increases year after year.

Masonry is Strong and Built to Last

Over time, the beauty of masonry endures and is a solid material that is built to last. There is great value in knowing that it’s maintenance-free; it never needs scraping or painting, it can’t rot, and can’t be damaged by animals or insects. You can see many masonry buildings even today that are placed as historical landmarks because it lasts for decades. When you design with masonry your structure can create a legacy.  It’s structural integrity is unmatched, it weathers well over the years, and it can withstand many types of natural and man made forces. 

Brick, Block and Stone are Energy Efficient

Masonry materials are naturally energy efficient and impervious to heat, wind, wind, sleet, and hail. In regards to safety, masonry doesn’t burn, which allows occupants more time to exit a burning building. Brick’s thermal resistance helps to save money on heating and cooling costs. Structural reinforcements and fire safety has added value with reduced insurance costs. 

Make Brick, Block, and Stone your Preferred Building Material

With all of these substantial and unique benefits, you’ll want to make your next building design a statement not only for your creativity and style, but you’ll have remarkable endurance and quality with masonry materials that will last for generations.

Choose the Perfect Supplier for your Project

The BuildWithMasonry.com website provides you quality and reliable resources from leading distributors and manufacturers that supply the Chicago, suburbs, and NW Indiana markets. Call us f you’d like a referral or have a question about building with masonry. We’re here to Help You!


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